Separation and Divorce

Society and the media inundate us with information about separation and divorce being primarily a legal process when in fact this is not true at all.

First and foremost, separation and divorce is an emotional process which greatly impacts you and your children.

A Mental Health Divorce Coach and Child Specialist should be used whenever a couple is contemplating a separation or divorce.  The process of litigation exacerbates confusing feelings of anger, fear, helplessness, shame, guilt and sometimes revenge and hatred.

It is very difficult for people to think clearly and compromise when they are in the sway of these powerful feelings.  Even more importantly, how can we prevent our children from absorbing these feelings?

Research shows that children of divorce are less  well adjusted, less happy, less productive in school and in general have more emotional and/or behavioral  problems (at school and at home) as compared with children from intact families.

Using a Mental Health Professional substantially reduces the trauma of divorce for you and your children.  A Mental Health Professional in the role of a Divorce Coach or Child Specialist helps to calm the emotional storm of divorce, helps you to feel more in control and helps you to communicate and compromise more quickly and effectively thereby reducing both the monetary cost and emotional cost of divorce.

A Divorce Coach also helps the couple to develop a fair and durable Co-Parenting Plan which integrates the wishes and goals of the parents and which helps to create two separate healthy and happy Co-Parenting homes for your children.

A Divorce Coach and Child Specialist can be used within the Traditional Model of Divorce and within the Collaborative Model of Divorce.