Educational Accomodations

Once a diagnosis of ADHD or Learning Disability is made it is appropriate to follow up in the school environment to maximize learning and to encourage positive behaviors through the development of Educational Accommodations.

I help parents and schools develop 504 plans and IEPS (Individualized Education Plans) that customize the educational environment to the needs of the child/adolescent thereby improving both behavioral adaptation and learning.

When the school has done its own psychoeducational testing:

  • I will go through each of the tests with you.
  • I will provide clear and thorough explanations of the testing results.
  • Areas of strengths and weaknesses will be outlined and discussed.
  • Utilization of these results within the school and home environments will be maximized.

We will discuss how to create the most appropriate Educational Accomodations designed to enable your child/adolescent to realize his or her full potential.